Did I mention that we need a vacation? Oh, twice already? Cool, cool. WE’RE GOING ON VACATION!!!!!

Ok, I’m done I swear. So yeah, we’re heading out in a couple days and we be back until 7/4 and if I didn’t stress it enough before, let me do so now- FUCK we need this.


Between a world in turmoil, a global pandemic, increasing uncertainty and anxiety, and going all-in on starting a business our nerves are pretty well shot. We’ve been working our asses off trying to make this dream a reality while also navigating whatever the fuck 2021 is and we need a fucking break. A long one.

We need the sound of the ocean, the smell of sea spray, fresh seafood, and drinks by the pool and we’re all getting extremely excited that it’s almost time to leave. I feel like that fucking N64 kid, or those people that find out they’re going to Disney World. We’ve been so stressed out that I might have ever so slightly forgotten just what real joy actually fucking feels like- so this serves as a nice reminder that I’m not dead inside.

Kinda dark, don’t ya think?

Maybe, but it’s been a dark couple of years, and my soul FEELS it. It’s time for this family to get away, turn everything off, and just be together by the ocean. More on that in a second, I have a thank you to administer.

I want to thank Tony for once again letting us do a pop-up at The Red Letter Merchant last Friday. It was a great time and I spent some time exploring downtown Newnan, meeting some other business owners, and kinda falling in love with the place. It’s a rad town and we’ll be back SUPER soon so stay tuned for more details coming soon. Tony is a fantastic human being, his shop is awesome, and we’re honored to be a part of The Red Letter Merchant’s extended family.

If you haven’t yet, check out The Red Letter Merchant– it’s a SUPER rad shop.

We’ve got some more events lined up for when we get back too, so head over to the Events page and get your calendars marked! We’re making TWO debuts in the same week and we’re excited to get out and meet even more of you!

Alright, back to what I was saying earlier (about turning everything off). We started The Ghost Generation so we could do things on OUR terms. One thing we believe in very strongly is being as present as possible for each other, for our kids, and for our mental health. So, when we go on vacation we turn everything OFF. All the way off, no sleep mode, no bullshit- we turn it all OFF. We might lose a little momentum here and there, we might lose a follower here and there, and you know what? So be it. The internet has made us all so fickle that people are going through life terrified to take a fucking break from it for a few days, ad I understand why.

You lose engagement, you’re not in people’s faces as much as usual, and everyone has a million other distractions to fill the void you’ve left so you can REST YOUR FUCKING MIND. God forbid someone not be glued to a device promoting, plotting, or fucking working for a handful of days. So, we’re not going out like that. Cause you know what? The shit is ridiculous. This 24 hour culture we’ve created is killing us, and we’re not going to let it. Not us. We work hard and we deserve a break, and so do you. Social media will be there when we get back, the business will be here when we get back, and if the world at large forgets about us after a couple weeks than things are worse than even I could imagine.

I can hear some people right now, “you gotta stay on”, “you gotta wear all the hats all the time!”, “it’s just HOW IT IS!”. To them I say this- enjoy your crumbling mental health, enjoy your constant fear of losing followers, and enjoy your slavish devotion to getting ahead. You can fucking keep it, all of it. We didn’t start this business to become chained to the whims and short attention spans of the masses, we started this to make rad stuff and do things we’re passionate about. Maybe we won’t get “there” as fast as some, maybe we’ll get “there” faster than others, but the one thing I can promise you right now is that we’re gonna do this our OWN way.

We have plenty going on that nobody even KNOWS about yet!

Gasp! Shock! Horror! Yeah, that’s right- we’re making moves to grow The Ghost Generation and we’re not telling the whole world yet! CRAZY TALK! So, long story short- we have plenty that we’re working on, plenty for you to be super-stoked about, and there will be all the time in the world to tell you all about it- when we get back from our HARD-EARNED vacation.

I’d love to think we might be able to inspire some people to realize that things don’t have to be so ridiculous, but the grip of social media and the internet is strong. So, we’re gonna lead by example. We’re gonna do this the way we want to, and maybe have a shred of mental well-being left in the process.

For now, I gotta go finish up some new pieces so I can get them up on the shop when we get back- see, plenty of shit in the works! I know I didn’t do a playlist AGAIN this week, I promise we’ll do our best to get back to it after the vacation, it’s just been kind of a crazy few weeks. This will probably be the last post here before we hit the road so take care of yourselves, take care of each other, and take a fucking break- you deserve it.

PS- The shop won’t be on vacation mode BUT our processing times will increase to reflect that we’re gone til 7/4. All orders will be fulfilled as soon as we get back, so if you want something fast get your order in before Thursday and we’ll get it out for ya!



The Ghost Generation

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