If you are a regular reader of this blog, you read AFH’s post yesterday. I agree with EVERYTHING he said. He’s a wordsmith that one 😀

HOWEVER, if I allow myself to contemplate the full nature of what’s going on, I will curl into a ball in a corner and cry until there’s nothing left of me. That’s not going to do me, AFH or my two kids any good so I’m choosing to concentrate on things I can control or things that make me happy. That doesn’t mean to say that AFH and I don’t update each other during the day as we’re reading the news but it’s not an all-day constant discussion for our sanity.

We also have our jobs to do so there’s that.

So, moving on, things that are helping me during the Coronavirus are the following:

Nespresso Creatista Pro by Breville

This bad boy is my second Nespresso (the first was a wedding present, the Citiz and Milk machine which finally crapped out the week of Thanksgiving last year). The timing of my old machine dying was perfect for Black Friday prices and it hasn’t disappointed since. Who needs Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts to be open when you have this bad boy on your counter? The machine can be bought here and I highly recommend the Nespresso Starbucks capsules that can be bought here. The house blend is my favorite and you can buy that separately if you’re not interested in the other flavors. If the question, “What does Mama need first thing in the morning?” is posed to my two very young children, they both respond with “Coffee” so yes, if the house was burning down, I would grab this machine.

I have my kids trained to ignore me until caffeine is in my system. It’s crucial for our survival.

Animal Crossing/New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch

OH. MY. GOD. This game is the PERFECT game to play when locked down in your home. Now, I’m hardcore old school when it comes to video games. Mario platformers, Mario racing, Mario Rabbids – you can see a pattern emerging. Yoshi’s Crafted World was pretty spectacular too and the little puzzles in Captain Toad were phenomenal. But this: no bad guys, you’re building your island from scratch with the help of Tom Nook, and you’re allowed to take…your…motherfucking…time. It’s SO relaxing, the kids love watching it and telling us what to do (AFH and I both have a copy because like hell we were going to share this) and it’s a delightful distraction during these dark times.

Credit Card Companies (but only certain ones)

As AFH mentioned yesterday, his salary got a paycut. At this moment, my company is making changes in other areas and is still fully functioning, albeit with most people working from home. That could all change on a dime though so I decided to call our credit card companies to see if we could reduce APRs or payments. My advice is make that call. You’ll be surprised at what some of these companies will do to help you out during this time. The best occurrence was Synchrony Bank (who runs the credit card services for our Banana Republic Visa Credit Card) who credited back our interest for this past month and will offer minimum payment waivers for the next two months.

The bad guy? Bank of America credit services. This is the card that if you’ve been following along with our monthly debt paydown posts, you’ll see that we’ve paid $5,000 down in 10 weeks. After asking if I could reduce the APR down, they reduced it by 1% to 20% APR. And that’s about it. I also took the deferred payment until May 15th just to be safe but it doesn’t matter because we still owe that money no matter what. I’m just going to keep plugging away at that until it’s a zero balance and I don’t have to deal with those clowns anymore.

As a quick conclusion, Ruby watched all eight Harry Potter movies with me this past week and LOVED them. She’s four so if you have kids who haven’t watched them over at that age, try it out. At the very minimum it’ll kill 16 hours of this endless shutdown. Stay safe Ghosties. – FemaleGG

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