A Day In The Life – How to use The Ghost Generation’s Products

A Day In The Life – How to use The Ghost Generation’s Products

My day typically starts around 6:45 a.m. At this point, Aaron has been up for about 30 minutes relishing the silence in our house and picking the pair of resin plugs he’s going to wear that day. Me? I roll out of bed after my especially annoying alarm goes off and trudge into the bathroom (NOT a morning person). I start brushing my teeth and in comes Ruby, handful of clothes, talking incessantly (I’m told she gets this from me). I apply our D-A-I-Y-E Spa body lotion so I can feel like I’m in a spa when I’m so obviously not but whatever gets me through to sunrise.

Solid body lotion

My boy, Oli, comes in and sits on my lap, tells me about his dream from the night before and then goes to daycare. One down, one to go. I pull on my Ghost Generation hoodie and head downstairs with the girl (who’s STILL talking) to get her ready and walk her across the road to school. Another one down!

I’m lucky that I get to work from home 4 days a week for the foreseeable future so when I have video calls that I know I have to be on, it’s business on top, pj pants on the bottom (hey, nobody’s seeing from the chest down). That also includes choosing one of our handmade charm necklaces to wear – free advertising!

When Pigs Fly Charm Necklace

In between calls I’m playing the Deftones’ 20th anniversary deluxe vinyl edition of “White Pony” as loud as I can because, fuck me, this album is STILL good and the accompanying “Black Stallion” album has an amazing “Passenger” remix by Mike Shinoda. It MIGHT even be better than the original but I feel like I’m just blaspheming all over the place by saying that. I mean, come on, if you’ve got Maynard singing on your track you’re pretty much set. How’s that even go down? “Hey, I know you don’t normally do anything outside of ya know, TOOL and your vineyard but you want to come sing on my song?” But, seriously, I want to have “Pink Maggit” played at my funeral. It’s so fucking epic and has one of the best builds that’s so heavy that no one could possibly be sad listening to that.

I’m aware I just wrote a whole paragraph over the merits of White Pony/Deftones. I don’t care to be judged.

Go play for crying out loud! No, just going to sit on my lap? OK.

Skip through a full day of work and the kids are now both home and wanting to show me every little thing they do in the backyard. Did we need our parents to watch us this much? Hell, I’m not even one of these parents that sit on their phone so they’re getting my full attention most of the time. The dinner playlist I thought would be harmless plays the opening strains of Lily Allen’s “Fuck You” and while I love that song, it’s probably not appropriate to have someone sing “Fuck you very very much” to a 5 year old and 3 year old. Skip. Yay parenting!

The kids are finally asleep so shower, uninterrupted by kids asking me where the first baby came from. I go between either the 1.21 Gigawatts Body Scrub which smells like Caramel Coffee or the Leeloo Body Scrub which is juicy apricot. Either way, just prepping those legs so that they’re not so scary. Finish it off with the “She’s On The Dark Side” Solid Lotion which smells like Rose/Cinnamon/Vanilla and is pretty fucking rad and now I can finally sit and talk to Aaron and giggle hysterically over the puns in Bob’s Burgers.

It’s a good day when you’re not applying bandaids or stopping tantrums (or just riding through them because there’s no way through but out). It’s a good day when you get to laugh on the couch or listen to 90s pop punk (Thank you Home Grown) or debate which grunge band was the better one from Seattle. I’m back in that hoodie again because if you’re going to end a day like this you may as well be comfortable.

And I think that this is so much better, having a full crazy life that’s loud as fuck, instead of when I was single and it was quiet ALL the time. And I’m proud of all of the things that we’ve made that help take some of the stress of just living life in 2021 away. Go live life defiantly. Go listen to music. Go treat yourself. And go shop. – Female GG

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